Our deign team was recently awarded the Mass. National Organization of Women Foundation’s “Feminism in Action grant” to pilot the game in four high schools and four colleges/universities in the Boston area.

Our hope is to learn from partnering with educators if/how the game is valuable as a complementary tool for the classroom (since in developing it to date, we primarily just playtested it with students ourselves). After the game has been tested in the classroom, we would use your feedback and ideas to create a final iteration, which we would present to a funder for possible national distribution. Ultimately, by working with educators in a range of different contexts, we hope to improve the game to be as approachable and flexible as possible.


What this entails for educators:

  • This fall, we would like to identify all eight educators, and conduct a 90 minute training with them (separate trainings for high school educators and college profs) in early 2018. The purpose of that gathering would be to train educators on how to facilitate the game, and get their feedback on how it might be more effectively debriefed. Part of that time would also be spent brainstorming/action-planning around how educators might integrate the game into their classroom with students.

  • You would pilot the game twice in Jan/Feb of 2018, and then participate in an interview debrief with us. The game is of course yours to keep!

  • We are able to offer a $50 stipend.

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JESS WEAVER is a civic media practitioner and researcher. She works at the Harvard Kennedy School Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, and is the cohost of a monthly panel series called Civic Series and a podcast about women in politics called "First For Now."

GREY BATES is a junior at Emerson College, where she studies game design.

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